HAITON (“The Newspaper” in Hebrew) is a weekly free newsletter in English that curates the best Israeli journalism about social issues. It is based on a Hebrew successful daily newsletter with the same name, that has more than 10,000 subscribers. Established by the Movement for Public Journalism, the goal of the newsletters is to create order from the chaotic glut of information and fake news in Israel. The newsletters perform under a severe journalistic code of ethics and are not-for-profit and nonpartisan.

ראו עמוד זה בעברית

The Movement for Public Journalism is an Israeli grassroots social movement set against the background of the crisis in public confidence in the media. The Movement is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization whose goal is to create quality journalism that belongs to the public, serves only the public, and involves the public in its work.

The Movement does not take a political position on public issues or promote a worldview but tries to create partnerships among people of diverse backgrounds and worldviews, by giving them tools to understand and influence reality. The goal is to create a healthy public debate in Israel, based on facts and not only on opinions.

The Founders
Yoav Ribak

Chief night editor in Yedioth Ahronoth and a member of the Secretariat of the Union of Journalists in Israel. He was head of the news department in Maariv and chief night editor in Haaretz.

Yair Tarchitsky

Chairman of the Union of Journalists in Israel. Previously a reporter and editor at Maariv, Haaretz, Yedioth Ahronoth, Globes, Israel Army Radio, Channel 2. Also serves as member of the directorate of the Israel Press Council.

The Funding

The Movement for Public Journalism set a goal that at least 70% of its income would come from the public, in order to stay independent from any center of power. Unless stated otherwise clearly, no partner nor donor has any influence over the content or the editorial judgment. All the journalistic activity is under the responsibility of the Movement for Public Journalism and under the code of ethics of the Israeli Press Council.

In order to launch the activity, the movement is currently based on the funders' investment, on the support from our partners from the Kehila NGO and the Social Economic Academy and other significant donations.

Individual donations (under 20,000 Shekels for person): 20,571 Shekels.
NIF: 45,500 Shekels.
Avner Stepak: 20,000 Shekels.
Shatil: Consulting.
Elad Mann: Pro Bono legal advisory.
Shtainmetz Aminoach and Co. CPA: 12,000 Shekels for annual tax reports.
Activetrail: Mailing services for the newsletters.
The Studio: Design of the logos.

Contact Us
Fax: 153523112162